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T5 slave cylinder  kit

67-70 Mustang Hydraulic Clutch Slave Cylinder Kit using a 94-95 T5

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The 94-95 T5 has a longer input shaft and requires a 94-95 bellhousing.  The newer bellhousing, besides beeing deeper, has the clutch fork in a lower position.  This T5 slave cylinder kit provides everything needed to install a slave cylinder on to a 94-95 T5 transmission and the offset pushrod needed to connect a master cylinder of your choosing to the OEM clutch pedal on a 67-70 Mustang:

94-95 T5 Hydraulic Clutch Brackets                Firewall Reinforcement plate
SS hydraulic clutch pushrod                             7/8" slave cylinder
Mounting hardware                                          67-70 offset pushrod
The master cylinder and connecting lines are not included as different applications my require variations of these parts. (however I do offer a MC and line kit, see "Related Parts" below) On Most 65/66 cars, equipped with a power booster, this kit will not work.  However I was able to install this kit with a MPB boosetr kit by making some small modifications. 

Note when ordering: 67-70 Mustangs use a different kit than the 65-66 Mustangs.  ALSO double check your bellhousing to confirm which kit you need. Some newer bellhousings have the clutch fork in a lower location. Please see picture below.  The bellhousing on the right works with a 94-95 T5 kit and the bellhousing on the left requires the 86-93 (Foxbody) T5 kit.
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Which Bellhousing do you have? Foxbody bellhousings kits are on a different page

86-93                                       94-95

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