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DIY roller spring perch kit

DIY Roller Spring Perch Kit

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This DIY roller spring perch kit includes all the parts needed to convert your stock or *aftermarket spring perches to roller spring perches:

2  journals                                  4  bearings
4  mounting studies                    4  locking nuts
4  centering washers

The bearing journals are 3" long and have a wall thickness of 15 gauge.  They have been machined and fitted to accept the bearings and are ready to be welded into your modified perch boddies.  The bearings are R14-2RS with O.D.  of 1.875" and a  I.D. of .875"  The static load capacity for each bearing is 1100 pounds, and the dynamic load capacity is 2500 pounds.   The press in mounting studies are take offs from new perches and the corrisponding locking nuts are all metal.  The centering washers are included to be welded to the perch body to create an alignment hole for the hole saw when enlarging the shaft opening to accept the journals.

*Some aftermarket perches use metric shafts which are to small to fit in the bearings. 

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